Ireland : The new S.Quinn App


His decision to use derivatives to acquire a close to 30% stake in the defaulting lender was described as a “spectacular free kick” during the fraud trial of three English bankers in 2014.

after a disastrous investment in Anglo Irish Bank, it lost 2.4 billion euros when equities lost nearly a third of their value as a result of the “2008 St. Patrick’s Day Massacre”.

After coming out of bankruptcy, Quinn hopes to reclaim his fortune from bookmaker baron.

The entrepreneur, who was Ireland’s richest man before the economic crash, asked his family to “mix” the industry.

Sean Jnr said: “The mobile is growing although the market is very competitive.

“Many market operators provide good service, but we hope to mix it up a bit like dad did with our businesses over the years.”

Despite the crowded market of established betting companies, Quinn is thrilled with the return of his family.

McPartland said: “QuinnApp is operational from 4 pm Thursday. Sean Snr is very optimistic about this.

“It’s a pretty competitive market, but he hopes we can deal with it a little bit.”

Is this really the real return of Sean Quinn after his many problems in recent years? The Irish hopes to succeed in the Irish market after his new project has performed in England.

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