The moment cops arrested suspect after a knifeman yelling ‘I’ll kill you all’ launched ‘rampage’ on London train, stabbed a man in the chest with 12in blade and sparked stampede of scared commuters

The remarkable instant in which a knifeman was caught by police after he did a stabbing in the rush-hour of London Overground was caught on video. One person was stabbed in the offense at Hackney Central station located in East London about 6:00 pm of October 1. Fortunately, the stabbing is not considered to be life-threatening. Photos from scared commuters revealed numerous passengers evacuating the station as train services were halted between Highbury & Islington and Stratford.

The incident came at about the same time frame as three people were wounded in a stabbing in Birmingham, in the most recent case of chaotic wrongdoing tormenting Britain’s streets.

Leon Bruff, a 29 year old who witnessed the event was in the same train car where the attack took place in London have stated that passengers ‘trampled over each other’ to flee from the ‘maniac’.

Mr Bruff explained to The Sun that the knifeman screamed: ‘Don’t mess with me, I’ll kill you’ while going through the train which was full of travellers and TfL personnel.

Bruff further said that the knifeman’s knife was at minimum ’12 inches long’.

One passenger referred to the mayhem at the East London station, and traveller Nick Renaud-Komiya stated that he noticed a man with a blade.

He stated that:

‘There was a sea of people running in my direction, it took me a couple of seconds to register that something wasn’t right.’

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