Swedish activist who forced flight to be cancelled to stop Afghan man being deported is INDICTED and faces six months in prison if convicted

Elin Ersson, a 22 years old Swedish student activist who stopped a Turkish Airlines airline flight from departing in order to prevent an Afghan man from becoming deported has been charged by state prosecutors.

The student activist bought a plane ticket from Gothenburg to Istanbul to prevent a man from being deported from Sweden by interrupting the flight last July 23. Elin transmitted her demonstration live on Facebook in which she declined to take a seat – recording dissatisfied passengers and airline personnel ordering her to be seated so that the flight can take off.

The video has proceeded to go viral, bringing in millions of views all over the world. Ultimately Ersson, the Afghan man and his designated security were taken out of the flight. Meanwhile, the Afghan man was ultimately deported by the authorities.

Ersson was on the other hand charged in Gothenburg district court, as reported by The New York Times. She is indicted of breaking Sweden’s aviation act by refusing to be seated when as the plane was about to leave. If found guilty, she faces approximately six months of imprisonment and penalties.

Thomas Fridh, Ersson’s attorney stated that his client is not guilty. The lawyer stated:

‘During the entire action she was prepared to follow the orders of the captain on board, and she left the plane as soon as the pilot decided that she should do so.’

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