Shocked passenger films ‘absolutely horrendous’ baggage handlers throwing luggage as they unload suitcases at Hong Kong airport

Luggage handlers were caught tossing baggage and fragile containers off a conveyor belt at a Hong Kong airport terminal recklessly. The staff were found obtaining the suitcases as they are being brought out of a Cathay Pacific flight and tossing them recklessly onto a close by cart.

A video recording of the airport personnel vigorously managing the bags was published on social media, which quickly became viral. The video that is 37 seconds long displays two luggage handlers at Hong Kong airport recklessly snatching suitcases out of a conveyor belt and tossing them into the steel carrier.
A couple of men could be noticed tossing 11 bags, which includes cardboard boxes that has fragile stickers, as two more workers check out as the luggage and boxes wreck into various other boxes and bags.

Marcela Fernanda Solis Walker noticed the employees on the tarmac at Hong Kong airport while handling passengers’ baggage and recorded their activities.
She published together with the clip the captions: ‘This the way that our beloved luggage is treated!! I made the video this morning once my flight landed in the flight was CX5617 xiamen- hongkong departure 7:40am 27 of September . Landed on hongkong airport around 9:00 am.’

The video clip uploaded by Walker has been shared around 100,000 times and watched by more than 6 million people online, which resulted in outrage on social media.

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