‘He looks JUST like his grandfather!’ Royal photographer delights fans as he points out Prince Harry’s striking resemblance to the young Duke of Edinburgh in dashing military uniform

Royal supporters have been sent into a craze because of the dazzling resemblances among Prince Harry and his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh. Side-by-side comparisons of the photos of the Duke of Sussex and young photographs of Prince Philip drawn dozens of remarks after they were published on Instagram by Chris Jackson, Getty’s royal photographer.

Jackson, who is already covering the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal tour of Australasia, discussed that he was amazed by the similarity between a up to date photo of Harry, aged 34, and a 1957 magazine cover that featured Prince Philip, who is aged 36 in that photo.
The Duke sports the Tropical Dress of the Blues and Royals on the said magazine cover, the exact same as his grandson donned to an ANZAC memorial held in Sydney together with his conceived wife, Meghan.

Fans were swift to agree with the photographer, with one commenting: ‘Wow! Harry looks just like Prince Phillip,’ whereas another commented: ‘I thought it was Harry for a second!’.

Agreeing, one fan had written: ‘They are so similar and their bond is undeniable. Harry gets his handsome looks from His grandfather. And his mother of course.’
Another amazed supporter has commented:

‘Wow! Who knew Prince Phillip was a ginger! Bravo, Harry, so much his own man, yet a bundle of look-alike heritage!’

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