By George, they’re cheeky! Prince leads playful posse of bridesmaids and page boys dancing, joking (and nose-picking) during the royal wedding

Even though the bride and groom may have been feeling anxious with the eyes of the whole world fixated on them, Eugenie and Jack’s little bridesmaids and page boys were undoubtedly having a good time as they joined the two at St George’s Chapel.

Cheeky Savannah Phillips, aged 7, the child of the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn, accompanied Prince George as they held out to walk down the church aisle with the bride on the day of the wedding.

It appeared like the youngster might have been mimicking the trumpet fanfare that pronounces the appearance of the Queen, as George appeared on in fits of laughter.
The young children confronted a battle with the the air as they walked their way up the stairs of St George’s Chapel in breezy circumstances, but Princess Charlotte was self-confident as she can be, walking up the steps without help from anyone while waving to the crowds of people.

On the other hand, one page boy, Louis de Givenchy, tumbledon the stairs as he was led throughout the church by Lady Louise, Prince Edward’s daughter.

Louis is the child of Frenchman Olivier de Givenchy, a senior banker working at JP Morgan, as well as his Australian wife Zoe. The two of them are also close friends with Robbie Williams and Ayda Fields, whose little girl is a bridesmaid at the wedding.

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