Brand new Range Rovers and a Jaguar worth hundreds of thousands of pounds have their roofs TORN OFF after transporter carrying them smashes into bridge

Brand new editions of Range Rovers and a Jaguar valued at hundreds of thousands of pounds had their roof systems destroyed after the truck driver bumped into a rail bridge. The slip-up took place at 8.30am, 24th of October 2018 when the lorry transporting the brand new high end 4x4s, a few still in their plastic wrapping, crashed into a railway bridge located in Perthshire.

Astonishing photos from the scene, near Perth railway station, revealed the four Range Rovers which includes the latest Velar valued at £44,250 with their roofs totally destroyed. Gareth Ruddock, aged 40, witnessed the incident and stated he concluded two of the damaged cars were a ‘write-off’.
He stated: ‘I was just there dropping my wife off at the station and I did a double take. ‘There are some open-topped cars now. Some of them still had their plastic on, they must have been getting delivered. I just saw the aftermath. The police were there brushing up the bits and pieces which had broken off. The driver was there looking a bit unhappy.’

Ruddock, who is employed at Giraffe, further stated that:

‘Nobody was hurt but it wasn’t a good day for that fella. I think pretty much all the cars on the top were damaged, but as they got further back the damage was lesser. The first couple of cars must have been written off, or you would have to rebuild the entire car.’
Authorities have stated that no one was hurt in the accident.

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