A huge ship stranded ashore, a mosque levelled and entire towns washed away: Drone pictures capture the true horror and devastation of the Indonesian tsunami

Extraordinary drone photos have demonstrated the total magnitude of the destructive Indonesian earthquake which has demolished buildings and wiped out about 1,200 people. Numerous people are stuck in mud while 1,700 homes have been ingested by the lands of the island of Sulawesi in the aftermath of the magnitude 7.5 earthquake that struck the island, resulting in a tsunami.

Enormous mass graves are being created in a desperate effort to prevent the disease from dispersing, with one grave having measurements of 10 by 100 meters. Survivors have been compelled to search through body bags in an effort to determine their family members that are still missing.

Photos seized by a drone presented a gigantic ship stuck on land after being tossed ashore by the tsunami, a mosque completely demolished and cars left stuck in buildings by strong waves started by the massive earthquake.

Many air travel flights that go in and out of Palu airport have been terminated as a result of hundreds of people obstructing the runway, pleading to depart the island.
Willem Rampangilei, the national disaster mitigation chief of Indonesia informed the ABC that the bodies must be laid to rest as quickly as possible for ‘health and religious reasons’.

A man aged 38 was discovered surviving from the wrecks 3 days following the occurance of the deadly quake.

Sapri Nusin was attentive and conversing to his rescuers as he was rescued by National Search and Rescue Agency personnel from a ruined finance building, as shown by footage shot by Indonesian news stations.

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